Our New Site Opens

We're very excited to announce that for the last 9 months we've been working with Polimekanos to rework our brand, visual identity and website.

A central and early design move was the hunt for a typeface. Polimekanos found Joanna, a little used typeface these days, designed by the infamous Eric Gill in about 1930. Joanna, named after Gill's daughter, is a slab serif, with angular details on the edges of the upper and lower cases, and very legible in both headings and body text. The highest profile use of Joanna in print we can find is in the Penguin Modern Classics books of the 1960s. We think this typeface holds all the oddities, opportunities and the open-endedness we'd like to bring to our clients and projects.  We hope you like the new image as much as we do.

Journal 170410 Brand Bag

Journal 170410 Penguin Book Joanna


Four Fireplaces From 'A House With A Slide'

Enjoy four fireplaces from one of our projects, which is currently on site. The contrast between the rough brickwork texture, the lapsed composition and the sharp overall edges of the chimney breast is somehow attractive. 

Journal 170401 Fireplace 01Journal 170401 Fireplace 03 Journal 170401 Fireplace 02Journal 170401 Fireplace 04